Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I just read on the BBC site that the leader of a Philippine rebel group has died. The name of the group? MILF. Too Rich. Praise Jeebus that their webmaster lives on!

Hello to one and all. I spent the last month in Alabama. I am in Mexico again. My time in Alabama can be described with one word: ugh.

As some of you may know, I owe lots of money to several corporate and governmental entities. They call my parents (since they don’t have my telephone number in Mexico or choose not to call it). They call often. My parents have their own debt issues. They get calls, too. I have no money (well, “no” money). I don’t know what the deal is with my parents. I got a call, as it happens, from Sears today. The lady on the phone said that the local Guadalajara Sears location would be happy to accept my payment. I drove halfway across town and found out that this is not the case. Oh well.

I did a bit of math, by the way, and figured out that given my debts I have no economic incentive to move back to the US and make more money. Any difference in pay would be eaten up by my debts (you can’t garnish wages if there are, effectively, no wages). Mind you, I have nothing in particular against the idea of paying my debts, but it is a funny situation to be in.

As some of you may know, my brother has [ahem] an alcohol/drug problem. He also has a fuckhead problem which surfaced long before he knew anything about chemicals (I tried to tell the people as early as 1978 that he was not to be trusted). He was in jail when I left town. He may still be. This does not make for a happy mood around the house (and the parents have cut him loose: it is my aunt who keeps his shovel sharp so that he might better dig his grave).

My cousins are breeders. This confronts me in two ways: 1) I am pressured to breed 2) children annoy me in many ways (although some children sometimes are ok). My cousins, and pretty much everyone associated with my family, are married, too. I see no reason to marry (other than citizenship/work permit stuff). Plus, the “news” in the US is full of marriage stories right now, both gay and straight. How slow-on-the-uptake do you have to be to say “that’s an awful long time to wait” when told that Birgit and I have been together almost 9 years? Ask my mom’s cousin (who is, otherwise, quite funny and nice).

I spent a week in Panama City, Florida. I went with my parents, who were going for a conference my Dad had to attend. I have relatives in PC, and we spent one night with one of them: my aunt, Josephine. Aunt Jo was born in Austria to a well-offish family (she knows the von Trapp kids from “The Sound of Music” personally) and married my uncle in the 1950s. He has been dead since 1994 (my last visit) and her house (and the town) seems to be stuck in that year. Profoundly weird. I wanted to snorkel and/or go fishing but it rained.

I was distressed by the general state of things in the US. It is hard to put a fine point on this, but I got a serious eve of destruction vibe from the TV and radio. I hope I’m wrong.

I found myself unable to contact certain friends. I was in the US, so phone calls would have been in order. At the end of the first week I lost my little address book. At the start of the last week I found it again. The missing address book is, however, no excuse for my lack of friendliness. The funk I was in isn’t really, either, since this is part of the funk. If any of the uncalled friends are reading this, please accept the forthcoming email apology.

I DID (on a positive note) get off of my ass and in touch with four friends: Austin (I am her godfather, by the way. Did you know that I was a godfather?), Chris (sorry for the lack of hyperlinks: I’ve linked him before and he has a nice blog. Also, I met his wife, who is one of the real heroes of the US as she teaches in a difficult school district for the love of the game.), and Dawn and Chad. I enjoyed being with them all. My time with them was not enough to pull me out of my funk for more than a few hours, however. Harumph. Gloom, despair, and agony on me! (a NoPrize to anyone who can identify the source of that)

Not least of my funk contributors was the decided Birgitless wasteland that is the Western Hemisphere. Birgit is in Germany. She will be coming home soon.

Being back in Mexico has reduced the funkiness, but I just learned that Shelley’s father has died. Shelley is one of the best people I’ve ever met and I can only assume that she is what she is in part because she had a good father. I only met the man briefly, but I recall him fondly.

As of this moment I no longer feel the slightest bit sorry for my whining self.


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