Thursday, February 27, 2003

I've neglected blogging for so long that I find myself unable to access the template to my old blog. Ah, well. That just means I'll have to do everything from scratch. Actually, I've got things wrong way around. See, because I can't access the template to my old blog, I've decided to create a new one. I wanted to access the template to the old blog to erase anything in it which might serve to indicate who I actually am to the casual surfer. I wanted to do that because I am currently a high school teacher and my students are quite web savvy. I want to be free to say whatever is on my mind and I don't want the kids to know it was me. Soooooo, this blog will (hopefully) have nothing in it which indicates my name, where I work, or what I teach to google searches. It will take a very steady hand to make that work, but I'm going to try.


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