Saturday, March 22, 2003


I just saw, on Televisa, a short interview with a Mexican schoolboy who was crying over the fate of Iraqi kids. Me too, dude.

-- I'm SHOCK(ed) that there hasn't been any terrorism reported anywhere around the world (at least none that I've noticed). Apparently someone let their blow spill out at LaGuardia, but that's all (so far?). I'm SHOCK(ed) that there hasn't even been a major ramping up of "the terrorist threat" (tm). Will the proverbial other shoe drop? IS there another shoe?
-- I'm in AWE at the protesters (especially in the US).
-- I'm in SHOCK over the fact that one of my friends (Steve) has a brother who requested (and got) a temporary demotion (from major to captain) so that he could be deployed with the Brits for this campaign. Kipling wrote about shits like that guy.
-- I'm AWEstruck by the pictures coming out of Baghdad and will, no doubt, be driven to tears by the casualty figures (even the fake ones) offered by the US/Brits and Iraqis.
-- I find it SHOCKing that none of the US tv networks (or cable outlets) have people in Baghdad. Apparently CNN was just told to fuck off. The SHOCKing part is NOT that they are unwanted or are afraid to be there: it is that this may mean that folks in the US may not be seeing what their government is doing (or are they? The nearest US tv is 800 miles from here).
-- The Turkish army may well invade northern Iraq (or may have already: this happens from time to time). Will this stick in Rumsfeld's crAW(E)?



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