Tuesday, April 22, 2003

One more reminder, in case I needed one, that I need to knuckle down and figure out (or ask) how to get links up on the side of this blog came, before I left for vacation, from Chris. He and I played baseball together when I was in first grade and he was in second grade (I *think* that's when the relationship started) on a team called "the Giants" (childhood can be cruel in so many tiny ways: back then we were not only babies, but the San Francisco Giants sucked). I have a picture of us in our (entirely, except for the lettering) red uniforms.

Chris remarked on his blog, and I'll say it again here, that high school sucked. He went as far as to say that he "HATED being a kid". I didn't hate being a kid, but I don't miss being a teenager. Odd indeed that I should now enjoy teaching them. In any event, Chris is one of four people with whom I've had any sort of consistent contact since high school (there were 1500 people in our high school in any given year). Marie was my girlfriend for a while. We haven't spoken in several years (no malice, I think, just fate). Alton I lost touch with long ago. John I've not seen in years. Matt I saw over Xmess, and I've seen him often over the years. And now the welcomed return (after a brief absence) of Chris to my life. Thanks for finding me!

Help me ask Chris if he knows where Eddie Porter is!


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