Saturday, May 24, 2003

I read Franklin's Findings regularly. I began by following a link on NoWarBlog a few months ago. I went for the antiwar talk, and stayed for the wit and comic book stuff, you might say.

Decent blog, generally (although I don't get his politics sometimes), but I'm making a special point of cut/pasting this post especially for Chris:

Franklin Harris wrote, on 23 May:

"Nothing personal, mind you, but I'd hoped that Ruben Studdard would not win the American Idol competition. I do my best to avoid contact with all of the "realty" shows currently eating up airwaves and bandwidth. I've never seen an episode of American Idol. I don't watch Fear Factor. I've seen a total of 10 minutes of Survivor. But now that the tubby singer from Birmingham, Ala., has won, I cannot avoid him. I cannot avoid people talking about him. He is on TV. He is on radio. He is on the front page of the newspaper -- my newspaper, the one that pays my bills. The Birmingham News devoted a special section to him.

Yes. I now hate Ruben Studdard. Again, though, it's nothing personal.

I can see it now. In the future, when schoolteachers assign reports on famous Alabamians, there, among possible subjects like Booker T. Washington, Jessie Owens and George Washington Carver, will be Ruben Studdard.

This state sucks."

Har! Of course, Since I've spent 90% of the last 13 years outside of Alabama (and around 35% outside of the US), this only confronts me slightly. Funny, though. And I'll bet he's right about the "famous Alabamians" bit: both Gomer and Goober Pyle were featured in my Alabama history text book.

I hear a version of the Eminem song "Stan" where some smart person has filled the lyrics bit with Vanilla Ice rapping "Ice Ice Baby".


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