Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I wish the Washington Post wrote like this more often: "Two Finnish men who had just arrived in Iraq for a weeklong business trip were fatally shot dead on a highway underpass Monday morning in a brazen daylight attack in the Iraqi capital."

That is to say, more than one but less than two non-female humans from Finland (a country east of Sweden, west of Russia, the citizens of which are often called Finns or "Finnish") who had been in Iraq (a country southeast of Turkey, west of Iran, east of Syria and Jordan, north of Saudi Arabia) for but a short time and planned to be there for an entire span of 7 days (roughly 168 hours) for the purpose of conducting business (the process by which goods or services are negotiated for, usually in conjunction with money or the promise of money, which is an abstract concept connoting worth) were fatally shot (i.e. penetrated with at least one projectile fired at high speed from a cylinder of some sort) during the day on a piece of road (a smooth, sturdy path for vehicles) passing under a highway. This penetration (which resulted in the end of the lives of the Finns mentioned above) took place in the city in Iraq where one might go should one wish to find the controlling legal authority of the state and was either bold or, perhaps, grilled.


Hey! Did you hear? I went diving yesterday and the day before! I was subaquatically swimming under water, you might say.


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