Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I, for one, am going to miss John Ashcroft. He's just so easy to loathe! He's like a cartoon character come to life! Ah well. Maybe this Gonzales fella will be good for a few giggles. Somehow I doubt it, though. He'll probably be one of those boring old banality-of-evil types, who sticks it to you while you snore away.

Ashcroft, I reckon, is too old and unwell to sit in the Roger Tawney chair. I wouldn't be surprised if we get someone good and scary up there though. I had always heard Gonzales mentioned as a Supreme, so now that he's out of the running I've got no more guesses.

Except: Roy Moore. Don't be surprised to see him get some sort of federal gig. And he's scary smart. He's bedtime-story scary smart. He's scratchin'-at-your-window-on-a-stormy-night scary smart.


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