Sunday, March 30, 2003

Ah well, a Googlenews search for "guadalajara war protest" yields naught, but maybe the journalists just haven't filed their stories yet (again: don't be hasty, hroom hoom).

But it really happened. Honestly. I was there. The turnout was modest, given that this is a huge city, but there were enough people to carry a 400 meter long banner through the streets plus lots of extras who walked along. And there was a great deal of support from bystanders and bydrivers (lots of happy honking and peace sign waving. We walked for what seemed like 3000 miles from the park to the consulate and then surrounded the consulate and listened to people talk. It was cool. The guards and rent-a-cops of the US consulate, at least, now know (in case they doubted it) that a few hundred Guadalajarans think the war is bad.

Supposedly there will be a larger gathering (how they know this, I know not) in the main downtown plaza on Thursday evening.

So, paz, dude.


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