Sunday, May 11, 2003

I just finished watching Star Wars: Episode Two. I waited so long because, well, I stopped being a big Star Wars fan some time ago. I did go to the theater a few days after the premiere of Ep. One, but the memory I have of coming out of the place feeling "blah" delayed my viewing of Ep. 2. Oh well.

I hardly need to point this out (since lots of people have said it already over the years) but dialogue is NOT the strongest part of these movies. It usually works, I think, because competent (or great) actors fill out the major roles (and there have been some good folks in these). The fellow who plays Annakin in this one, however, makes Mark Hamill look like Lawrence Olivier. He's not so good at all.

In other news, I've still not gotten my email situation sorted, so if anyone who would like an email from me reads this, they should know it isn't personal.

In other other news, there's only one week of school left! Woo hooo!

I hear "O My God" by the Police.


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