Monday, May 26, 2003

Incurable, brain-rotting, chickens-coming-home-to-roost death: it's what's for dinner!!!

It has crossed my mind that the world may be populated (human-wise) by the descendents of Hindus, Jains, and those other more-or-less vegetarian peoples in a few decades.

I stopped eating beef (sort of) just after Thanksgiving 2000. I had thought about moving towards vegetarianism for some time for political reasons (I lurrrrrve meat) and chose to pick on beef because, I figured, I didn't eat all that much beef anyway and the cattle industry was particularly nasty. So, in Richmond, Indiana, I had White Castle burgers for dinner and made my determination to save the cows while I savored my indigestion the next morning.

I have cheated. I've eaten beef on a few occaisions since then (mostly to be polite, you understand: a good guest eats what is put in front of him!) but have been largely dead-cow-free since that morning. I weaned out other critters (more or less) over a year ago. I've cheated on that, too.

What concerns me is that I had some British beef back in 1993, and a good bit again in 1995. Of course, Mad Cow is hardly a problem exclusive to the Brits.

Anyway, as Curtis Mayfield once sang, if there's Hell below, we are all gonna go (except for the Hindus and Jains).

I hear Anita O'Day singing "I Love You" followed by "Mystify" by INXS.


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