Monday, June 16, 2003

Must I be a man in a suitcase?

As SCOTT has already established, he and SHELLEY live HERE and are about to move HERE. In the interests of stealing and watering down his idea, I now present a the story of my roaming.

NOTE: addresses are not accurate.

I was born in the hospital HERE when it was known as Lloyd Nolan Hospital (not long after it stopped being the Tennesse Coal, Iron, and Railroad / US Steel company hospital). My parents and I lived HERE (in a house near the “Rd” on Dickey Springs Road) until i was 4. My brother had just been born when we moved HERE (in a house near the bend in Suncrest Rd). We lived there until I was ready for first grade, at which point we moved HERE to live in the house of my grandmother (maternal) while my parents toyed with building a house almost right next to her (see the “Rd” in “Morgan Rd”). They gave up on building and instead bought a house HERE (right at the end of Gober Drive: Dickey? Gober?). Interstate 459 was finished while we lived here, and much “development” has followed. In fact, the area is very different now. We lived here until we moved HERE (a house on Waterside Circle, which is on a lake not visible on this map) when I was in 11th grade. My parents lived there until they moved to Tulsa (in 1993).

During my freshman and sophmore years of college, I lived HERE (just above the “U” in “University Ave”, in the dormitory Bond Hall, with CARLTON and just down the hall from SCOTT) with the exception of visits home, which were spent with my parents back on Waterside Circle.

In 1992, I moved into a house HERE (on the corner of 2nd and Corrine, facing 2nd, with Corrine to our left) which I shared with Scott and others until the summer of 1993, when I moved back to Waterside Circle to help Mom and Dad and their other child move HERE

After helping them move I went to live HERE (in a dormitory on Rheinallee, at the corner of Uhlandstrasse) for six months or so. I returned to the US in February, 1994, to join Scott and Dawn (with whom we had also briefly shared the house at 2nd and Corrine) in a house located HERE (13th Ave, near the corner of Hardy). In the fall of 1994 I moved HERE (an apartment on the right side of N.Main, just above 7th) and lived there until the spring of 1995.

During the summer of 1995, I spent a few weeks HERE (in a Catholic retreat building of some sort. I’m not sure of exactly what part of Jagdschlossgasse it was, but I like the idea that I was near Gobergasse)
and HERE (that looks about right: I was in a dorm on the Chelsea campus of Kings College, which is now, apparently, no longer extant).

I then returned to the US and moved into a house HERE (O’Ferral, between 24th and 25th) in the fall of 1995. I stayed there until the late summer of 1996, when I moved HERE (a dormitory facing Roemerstrasse, between Legionsweg and Husarenstrasse) for about one year and then HERE for about one year (an apartment on Sebastianstrasse, just above the word “Rudolf”).

In the fall of 1998 I moved HERE (a small apartment building on Walnut St., between High and Spruce, right where it says “Morgantown” on the map). I lived in one apartment for two years, and another for one. I then moved HERE (a house on Lyndhurst near the corner of Arlington, which I shared with my friends Sara and Karen) until the fall of 2002, when I moved HERE (details are not yet available, apparently. I live in an apartment just to the right of the grey line going north out of the city, just above the red circle).

I’ve also spent a good bit of time HERE and HERE and my parents lived HERE after they left Tulsa (in Tulsa they lived in three different places: you don’t care). Now they live HERE

Where are you?


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