Thursday, August 07, 2003

I was filling out a form just a few minutes ago and recalled that I have written some things which may be of use to people interested in history. With that in mind, anyone googling the following subjects should feel free to request a copy of my work (and a bit of academic info about me, if you are skeptical).

“The Movement to Abolish Convict Labor” in The Encyclopedia of American Social Movements, forthcoming

“Convict Labor” in The Encyclopedia of Appalachia, forthcoming

“Couch Burning and ‘an Explosion of Pedigreed Bunk’: Student (mis)behavior at West Virginia University in Historical Perspective,” conference paper

“In Defense of the Lecture,” conference paper

“Immigrants, Miners, and the Monongah Disaster,” conference paper

“Satisfying the Claims of Offended Justice: Politics, Profit, and Change in the Alabama Penal System, 1819-1928,” Masters Thesis

“A Walking Mass of Moral Contagion: Jails and Criminal Justice in Alabama Before the Penitentiary,” conference paper

“Life and Work in the Convict Mining Camps of Alabama,” conference paper

“Convict Labor in the Coal Mines of Central Alabama,” Honors Thesis

I also know (and have written) about US and German labor history in general, and other sorts of history. Looking for research tips? Look no further (at least until I tell you to).

I hear "Same Time Tomorrow" by Laurie Anderson.


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