Thursday, January 01, 2004

The clock is ticking towards midnight and I find myself put in mind of previous year changes . . .

In 2002-3 Birgit and I were in Pittsburgh, PA. That wasn’t bad, as our friend Sharon performed again (with a great band this time). The party we went to later was close to boring, though.
In 2001-2 Birgit and I were in Hattiesburg, MS. We were at a smallish party at a home and then a party at a bar. That was nice, as it involved seeing lots of folks I hadn’t seen in a while, one of whom died in a car accident not long thereafter.
In 2000-1 I had some folks (including Birgit) over to my apartment in Morgantown, WV. I had a party in mind, but I am not sure if it was fun. The people present were nice and all, but I’m not very good, I think, at throwing parties.
In 1999-2000 Birgit and I were in Wuppertal, Germany. We had a few friends over to Birgit’s apartment. We then went to a party. That was fun, although I got really drunk and have some vague memories of the evening.
In 1998-99 Birgit and I were in Pittsburgh, PA and watched our friend Sharon perform as part of the downtown Pittsburgh festivities. Her performance went well. I have only vague memories of the party we went to afterwards, other than that we walked in the door JUST as midnight struck and Prince started coming out of the speakers. I also remember that it was VERY cold.
In 1997-98 I *think* I was with my parents in Tulsa. Or was I in Stillwater? Scott? Shelley?
In 1996-97 Birgit and I went to TWO AWFUL parties in Bonn, Germany with our friend Jens. It was VERY cold, and very boring.
In 1995-96 Birgit and I went to an AWFUL “party” in Bonn, Germany. Really boring. As an added bonus, I was designated driver and therefore was stone sober during the boringness (fortunately, as it turns out to have sleeted). The highlight of the evening was a 4 year-old girl accidentally locking herself in the bathroom. Much fun was had getting her out.
In 1994-95 Birgit was in NYC and I had a few people over to my apartment. It would have been better, I think, if I had party throwing talent. Birgit had a blast, though.
In 1993-94 I was alone in a dorm in Bonn, Germany, due to poor travel planning on my part. The air was thick with depression.

I don’t recall anything from previous years.

This year I'm in Guadalajara, Mexico (actually Zapopan). Birgit is asleep on the couch, the champagne substitute is chilling in the fridge, and the holiday classic “Bachelor Party” is on the television.

Happy New Year.

(Christmas vacation was a blast however, and I still intend to blog on the subject)


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