Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Today in class my students and I discussed the summit meeting just ending in Monterrey. Did you hear about it? Basically it was all the leaders of the various states of North and South America (minus Cuba) having a big talky talk. The conversation (with my students) was very interesting and reminded me of three main things.

1) my students (mostly wealthy, mind you) are generally FAR to the left of their counterparts in the US
2) my students (rabid consumers of US pop culture) are generally very unhappy about the behavior of the US government (particularly as regards US/Mexico relations)
3) my students (tenth graders) are generally FAR better informed about your average run of the mill foreign affairs to and fro than are most adults I've met in the US (including at university).

These are good things. If these kids are the future of Mexico, then that future is bright.

In other news, literally, I recently watched the 60 Minutes interview with Michael Jackson (my landlord taped it off the satellite and loaned it to me). From what I know of his current travails, I've come to the determination that I would make an excellent juror in some respects. This is because I find both his guilt and innocence almost equally plausible ("almost" means that, in the true spirit of justice, I'm fully prepared to assume that he is innocent and must demand proof).

Child molester or not, however, I'm now TOTALLY convinced that Michael Jackson is right round the bend. Clearly gone fishing. Nuts. Bonkers. In need of the warm embrace of the men in white coats. More than a few bricks shy of a load.

Until recently I was laboring under the tortured misconception that he was only a little looney. I figured he was just a rich guy who had always lived on a different planet from the rest of us, had free access to the pursuit of all the sort of bizzare thoughts which spring, from time to time, into one's head, and gone for it. But now I think he's probably downright crazy (delusional, paranoid, and very possibly a danger to himself or others). Mind you, I know dick all about psychology or psychiatry. I'm just sayin'.


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