Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Um, Kerry? Remind me to stay the fuck out of Iowa.

In other news: today is MLK, Jr. day, yes? Happy that. The US is almost as far from his dream now as it was when he was alive (I recently saw updated stats on school segregation: 1969 levels).

In other other news: the State of the Union is coming up, yes? Here are my predictions:

-- the economy is going great guns, but taxes still suck ass (applause)
-- the war on Terrah is going great guns, but hard work is ahead (applause)
-- we're going to the Moon! and Mars! (applause)
-- Saddam Hussein is still under arrest (applause)
-- the war in Iraq is going great guns, but hard work is ahead (applause)
-- everything else is just ducky, but vigilance is in order (applause)

We shall see.

I heard "El Refran Se Te Olvido" by Celina Gonzalez and "Du He Kah (The Healer)" by Patti Scialfa and Jonathan Elias.


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