Friday, February 27, 2004

I was slowly warming up (very slowly: in the way that cow farts warm the atmosphere) to the idea of voting for John fucking Kerry. I've just been reminded by the link (pointed to by Sara) that that was chickenshit ABBA thinking. The man is a shitbag from a long way back, as I've said before, and it is hardly clear that he's significantly less of a shitbag than Dubyah.

Therefore I return to the Kerryhate.

I'm still liking Dennis Kucinich and Ralph's argument (linked a few posts back) has given me more spine. This is going to be a long, hard slog.

In other news: in the middle of my second class today I got a sudden, shooting pain in the back of my head which quickly moved to the front. I was clearly in pain, arousing the concern of my darling students. After they finished their presentations, I let them go (I never let them out early) because I was having trouble concentrating. One of my students asked if I was ok and I asked her to tell her fellow students in the next class what was up. She said "But I'm in your class." I said "I know, please explain." She said "No. I'm in your class NOW! I was sitting right here!" I said, "Oh. Sorry. No, I'm not ok."

Is this what migraines feel like? It has turned into general weakness and mild stomach upsetness. And it sucks.

It was probably JfuckingK what did it to me.


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