Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The following funny answers have just been handed to me by one of my servants:

[from a friend’s students at UNIVERSITY NAME REDACTED]

Either you begin to think outside the box and the slogan states or become the employee of the one who thinks outside the box, which in some cases these job opportunities are capable of being replaced by robots in the future.

There was after all other states with land prospects, the gold rushes and those who where striking oil among other things, the possibilities where endless.

In Shames writing of 'The More Factor,' his main argument through the decades, Americans have had such great optimism about life, that the sky is the limit, will that perception of gain die?

The synopsis of 'Jihad vs. McWorld' written by Benhamin Barber is a strong book written about the argument of capitalism versus our tribal past.

The nation-states that they are third world seem mostly to remain a third world economy or are even being pushed to further deprivation by the countries that are expanding and adopting capitalism.

Contrary to what most people believe their still are many nations that have not succumbed to the high-speed world of McWorld today, therefore the remain in their state, but with the need to expand from the growing capitalist population more room must be obtained, thus pushing the lower domestic countries deeper into their country or be phased out entirely.

Many people use things to organize people into groups of certain identities as Kron argues.

Today, our possessions have a significant affect to an individual sense of identity.

Twitchell argues that the study of audiences base their principals on birds of a feather flock together.

With ones character put to wayside by material status and ones belongings their does not leave much room for you to be and individual and have your own identity.


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