Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I didn't see it all, due to it taking place in the middle of the night, but I saw a good bit of it.

To those of you who love the senator from North Carolina and are preparing to tell the world how well he did, let me just say that I must have missed all his good parts.

Cheney mopped the floor with that boy. The Medicare tax dodge? Snap! The "I've been going down to the senate every week for the past three years and I've just met you tonight"? SNAP!

Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer got some licks in, but not enough. And he didn't seem prepared. How could he not have knocked Gwen Ifill's "experience" question out of the park? I mean, that one was obviously coming. His response "Um, er, John Kerry's got lots of experience." (I'm paraphrasing)

Here's what he should have said (or something like this): Gwen, I'm glad you asked. I've been proud to represent the great state of NC for the past X years. You're right: that's the extent of my experience witht the day to day workings of government, but it's not the extent of my experience. For X years I was a successful attorney, and in that capacity I also represented the people and fought for them when they had been wronged by big companies (he did, to his credit, say some of this). Now let's look at my opponent's experience: he was an aid in the failed and corrupt Nixon administration, Chief of Staff in the unelected and unpopular Ford administration (and by the way, Gwen, he presided over their failed campaign in '76), SecDef in the admin of Dubyahdaddy, where he did good work blah blah blah Gulfwarcakes, and deserves credit [not]. Now he's vice president in the worst presidency in X bujillion years."

Or something like that.

If Carrie Edwards doesn't get her act together but quick, she's going to get her ass whupped on election day.


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