Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Were I the sort who gave thanks to a higher being, I would thank said being for the dolphins who prevented a New Zealand shark attack and humbly beseech said being for such an escort should I ever encounter a shark in the wild.

But, I guess I'll just get eaten, since I'm a heathen.

I'm toying with preparing a Thanksgiving meal. It is a tossup right now between a turkey roulade and the complete Charlie Brown menu (popcorn, buttered toast, pretzels, jelly beans, and ice cream sundaes.

The deciding factor may well turn out to be the availability of jelly beans. Gummi bears may have to do.

Also, I watched Bayer Leverkusen versus Real Madrid in the Champion's League last night. It was 1-1 (B.L. won 3-0 last time). Not the best game I've ever seen, but it did harden my resolve to say the following at every opportunity:

David Beckham is way overrated.

[and I may as well go on and say that Ronaldhino of FC Barcelona is UNDERrated. He's Mr Excitement.]


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