Thursday, February 10, 2005

Happy Ass Wednesday!

A few years ago, while I was a teacher at WVU, I was attending a thing of some sort. One of my students stopped off to say that she was sorry about not being home studying but she wanted to see the thing. I said (in total poker face) "You have to set your priorities: Which is more important? Your grade? Or this lecture?" Her eyes got big. I revealed that I was just kidding.

We chatted about the thing.

A few minutes later she said she would also be missing class on Ass Wednesday as she was a devout Cathoholic and would be attending service. I said "seriously: you NEED to set priorities. This is not a game, you know."

You should have seen her face.

I was totally cool for a couple of seconds (long enough) and gave in and told her I was kidding. She had a physical reaction.

It was awesome.

In those couple of seconds you could SEE her thinking "Wow. Did my teacher just invite me to choose between the Catholic Church and his history class? My beliefs and my grade? How do I answer? Which IS more important?!?!?!"

Christians are funny.

By the way, I link here to a classic Gregblog: Those aren't ashes!

(I no longer live there.)

By the way (2), I just heard that Hakeem, the Dream, Olajuwon has been implicated in taking money and then giving said money to people who may have given money to people who may have given it to people who may have used it for the purposes of Terrah.

I had Etonic's "The Dream" basketball shoes back in the day, and my feet still miss them. Those were some good fucking shoes. All else is meaningless.


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