Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Carlton has posted photos related to his and Molly's recent wedding vacation in New Orleans. Do look.

In one photo, I am pretty sure I detect a hairline recession of some significance.

In other news (related through the miracle of photography): some time ago (way back when Saddam Hussein was reportedly captured) I suggested that it might not be him. Or rather, I asked if it was unreasonable to doubt that it is him. Aside from my general reticence to believe the US government, I based my skepticism on the following:

- We were told, repeatedly, for years, that SH had lots of body doubles.
- I have, as yet, seen no mention of the fate of said body doubles (I do recall being assured that they got the right dude, by the same people who assured me that the dude they were getting had a nearly-completed Death Star).

If the doubles existed, then it seems perfectly reasonable that the man we saw in the famous underpants is just some dude.

I guess it all comes down to faith.


At 4:10 PM, Blogger Carlton said...

I never denied a hairline recession, Greg. At least it isn't -ahem- in full retreat.

I am fat and balding and old. Also, I am now married. What a sorry state!


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