Monday, March 03, 2003

According to SPIEGEL ONLINE, the Russian pop duo "Tatu" were on the Jay Leno television program recently. They are, apparently, famous for being (or pretending to be lesbians) and were forbidden, according to the article, from tongue kissing on the show.

Sad enough, you might think.

They were also forbidden from saying anything about Iraq. They therefore had a phrase in Russian written on their shirts to the effect of "to hell with the war". Leno and his minders are all upset. The ladies went on to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel television program (what on earth is that?) and wrote the word "censored" on their shirts.

This whole business confirms two things I knew already: 1) Jay Leno is a butt plug 2) censorship in the US rarely needs to come from the government because our media is full of butt plugs.


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