Tuesday, March 04, 2003

This article from CBS News doesn't say it, but there are lots and lots of people in the US (and perhaps in other countries, but I can't speak to that) who absolutely HATE it when a celebrity of some sort speaks on a political or social issue. Just last year, in fact, Father Joseph Coughlin (I mean Bill O'Reilly of Foxnews) had an hour-long prime-time show devoted to the topic.

I've never really understood why someone would get so lathered up about this. I suppose it is a little bit annoying for a politician or professional political type to have his thunder stolen by a Hollywood person who doesn't have the wonking creds, but sheesh.

Actually, I do have a theory: bias. See, much of the entertainment media pisses hard-core conservatives off (sex, drugs, rock and roll, and the like) anyway, and for the perveyors (sp?) of that to ALSO have political influence must really burn. BUT it really is more about the message than the messenger with such folks, anyway, as the following short list may suggest:

Arnold Schwartzeneggar (governor?), Ronald Reagan (governor, president), Sonny Bono (mayor, congressman), Clint Eastwood (mayor), Charlton Heston (head of a major lobbying group), Gopher from the Love Boat (congressman, head of Goodwill), Fred Thompson (senator), Ted Nugent (gadabout)

Every man Jack of them on the list were actors (or singers, in the case of the Nuge) before getting involved in conservative politics, and some (Heston and Thompson for sure) did both at the same time.

Does this bother people? I know it doesn't bother me, but then I'd vote for Pat Paulson (if he were on the ballot).


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