Wednesday, May 14, 2003

You know, I loathe Bill Bennett and (I assume, having not read anything he's written *wink*) everything he stands for. I have gathered that he's essentially a person who has made his fame and fortune by recycling old platitudes about morality and selling them. He has, to paraphrase an old saw in a Bennet-like manner, poured old grape juice into new bottles. Am I right so far? I think so. I don't really care too much. The Right seems to dig him, so my gut tells me to step away.

Anyway, he apparently lost around $8 million in casinos over the last ten years. I was just trying to figure out if, over the entire 31 years of my existence, I've even SPENT $8 million. I am pretty sure, upon further consideration, that if you count up all the money my parents and I have been paid over the years for various goods and services you wouldn't have anywhere near that much money. And our boy LOST that much! In only TEN YEARS! And still seems to have plenty where it came from!

Interestingly, Bennet supposedly used to be a professor at my own beloved University of Southern Mississippi. I know not what he professed. Somehow he got into the cabinet of Dubyahdaddy (or was it Reagan?) and then found the morality muse. Which of the jobs listed above pay enough money to allow for an $800,000 per year back-monkey?

This much is clear: There is an "us", and there is a "them". Bill Bennet should be one of the first "them" who gets hands laid upon him come the revolution.

I hear "This Time" by the Verve, "Wire" by U2, a Russian pop song, and "One More Time" by the Clash.


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