Friday, August 08, 2003

I want to try all sorts of different foods while I'm here in Mexico. I like most of what I've had so far, and have ruled nothing out for certain, except for what I just saw on a tv commercial.

Please picture a cob of corn, shucked and cooked so that is is so juicy and sweet looking you want to sign it up for a modeling contract. Now picture a squeeze bottle hovering along the length of said corn cob. It is being squoze. What is coming out of the bottle? Could it be butter? Butter is pretty much the only thing you could add to make this corn even more tasty-looking. But no. Not butter. How about margarine or some other sort of butter substitute? Some folks, after all, have to hold the butter. Sorry. 't'ain't margarine or anything of the sort.

What could it be? Are you sitting down?




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