Sunday, November 30, 2003

I saw “Kill Bill” today. I’m going to wait for part two before deciding whether I like it or not, but there was one thing about it so far that makes me a little sad.

Tarantino’s other movies (including the ones, like “Natural Born Killers”, which he didn’t direct) have, as far as I’m concerned, one common piece of goodness: dialogue. There ain’t much talkin’ (so far) in “Kill Bill”, and that makes me a little sad.

The lack of dialogue, however, doesn’t get in the way of “Kill Bill” being pretty to look at.

By the way, last night I saw Mana (there should be an accent on the second “a”) in concert. It was the best concert I’ve seen in a long time. If you don’t know who they are, but you have that Santana album that was all the rage a few years ago, then you’ve heard them. They were with Santana on the song “Corazon Espinado”, and they are a good band.


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