Saturday, November 15, 2003

Chris has a rather grumbly blog about Roy Moore. His is from the perspective of a Christian.

[By the way, all you denominations, Chris is a free agent and can probably still do a bit of catching for you, even though he's been out of the majors for some time.]

I have two cents more to add (see previous entry). Mine are from the perspective of an atheist (former right fielder and platoon 3rd baseman, currently playing in the Mexican league).

I have long found it interesting that those Christians, like Moore, who are quickest to find the most sanctimonious pose on any issue and strike it with all possible drama, tend to focus on the Old Testament. I guess they just like the rough parts. What's funny about that, to me, is that I would think that one's degree of Christianness is inversely proportional to the degree of emphasis you place on the teachings and philosophy of someone other than Christ.

Yes, yes, yes, Jeebus is recorded in the Bible as having gone to some pains to make it clear that he wasn't saying that folks should throw out all of the golden oldies, but he did preach a signficantly different sort of day to day religion. Had he said something along the lines of "make a big ole deal about things like the comandments given to Moses, in fact, pick ten of the ones you like best and have them etched on every piece of free space you can find" then I would think Moore had a LITTLE BIT of a case.

But no.

I said this before, I think, to someone, but if Moore had employed a slightly different sort of strategery, he might have gotten away with having his stone left in place as part of a shrine to several different oldish lawish things (Hammurabi and Justinian's contributions come to mind).

George Wallace, by the way, came to prominence in Alabama politics first as a judge.

I'm listening to the Roger Waters album "The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking". Don't you wish you had access to my ears?


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