Saturday, November 22, 2003

You know how, in the book “Return of the King”, Sam carries Frodo on his back to ensure that the mission is accomplished? Even though Sam doesn’t fully understand the mission? Even though, at that very moment, Sam’s beloved Shire is being ravaged (as he foresaw in Galadriel’s mirror) [Sam loved the Shire more than Frodo, of course. Frodo had too much Baggins in him.]

Tony Blair has been carrying Dubyah on his back (at least in international diplomatic terms) for a good while now. And his Shire is in need of a good scouring. Dubyah/Frodo, meanwhile, is too weak and distracted to take much action.

In other news: I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer for that Michael Jackson tour.

In other other news: I spent an uncomfortable Thursday morning in the US consulate. It crossed my mind that there were thousands of other, safer places I might be.

In other other other news: a hepatitis outbreak in Pennsylvania is being blamed on green onions from Mexico. I have only this to say about Mexican produce: put it in clean water with a little white vinegar for a few minutes before you use it. It will be fine.

I am watching “Charlie’s Angels” on the TV. Not nearly as bad as it might have been.


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