Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Carlton asked, in the comments below, if I intend to vote. I said that I do, as I am a voter.

In 1990 I didn't vote (or at least don't remember voting), but I was 18.

In 1992 I was unable to vote in the primaries because my mom got me a Republican primary ballot. I did, however, vote in the general election (on an Alabama ballot) and had great fun doing it. I voted for every Libertarian, Socialist (possible in Al) and other third party option, then I voted for Dems when there was no third party option. The only Republican I voted for was my friend Jamey's dad, who was running for reelection as a judge.

In 1994 I voted in Oklahoma. I followed the same pattern as in 1992, but no socialists were available.

In 1996 I voted in the Oklahoma primaries. I was visiting my parents and went with my mom to the polling station. Our district was near downtown Tulsa. When we arrived, the vote people said they had been waiting for me. I asked why, and they said it was because I was the only person in the district registered Independent. I got to choose which Libertarian would loose in the state congressional race.

In the 1996 presidential race, I abstained, as I couldn't bring myself to relive the horror of voting for Clinton in 1992 and would have rather taken an ass whipping than vote for Dole. I hadn't yet come around to the idea of voting third party in the pres. race. I also was in Germany, and absentee ballot was not easy to get.

In 1998 I didn't get it together to vote.

In 2000 I didn't vote in the primary (couldn't get a Texas absentee ballot in time) but voted for Nader in the pres. race. I actually went to a Nader rally in DC during that campaign.

In 2002 I voted in the West Virginia primary (I have moved around a lot). As an independent, I only got to vote for a Libertarian county commisioner and up or down on some sort of schools referendum. In the general election I was in Mexico, and had changed my registration back to Alabama.

This cycle I'll be voting absentee as an Alabamian again. I'm not sure yet who will get my coveted vote, although I know who won't.


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