Wednesday, February 11, 2004


The U.S. just got the absolute shit beaten out of it by Mexico in the under-23 pre-olympic tourney. I wanted to go, but was unable to. Now I'm glad I didn't.

The worst part is that my students are going to be all over me about it tomorrow (I fear). I wonder if I should call in sick.

The score? 4-0. It could easily have been worse than that. The U.S. played badly on defense and were almost never on offense (works like that, though, often). I can't recall any good chances to score except off kicks.

In fairness to the visitors, however, the lopsided game is also very much a reflection of how good this Mexican team is. I saw no big weakness. They beat Jamaica by the same score just the other day, in fact.

Oh well. Pitchers and catchers will be reporting any day now.


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