Wednesday, February 04, 2004

A word to you political types from one who is looking up the national skirt:

Dean supporters need perspective. Dean gained fame as a one trick pony (anti war) and so far has not had a chance to reap whatever whirlwind may be coming his way, as the states that have voted are hardly chock full of anti-war types.

Kerry supporters need perspective. Kerry has deep and wide flaws and they will be discussed. The chickens have yet to hatch, and there is still much at stake. Mind the left flank (from Dean) as well as the right (from Clark).

Kucinich and Sharpton supporters (me, in other words): don't lose hope! I still doubt these guys can win, but they can at the very least get some press and perhaps pull the party left.

The good news is that Joe Loverman is done for. That takes away some of the rightward gravity.

And finally, for all the talk of Janet's right tit, what of the one on her left? He was wearing a t-shirt and stuff. I think he was in my history class a few years ago. He failed because he plagiarised.


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