Thursday, March 11, 2004

I'm grading papers, but I'm also listening to music.

The Police's "Synchronicity II", from the "Synchronicty" album, is SO GOOD. Ow. It is appropriate that this was their last album, as it is, from top to bottom, more or less the perfection of their collaboration. By the time they recorded this they knew exactly what they wanted to sound like. The lyrics are excellent (except, perhaps, for "Miss Gradenko"), the production is top notch, the music sounds great (or at least appropriate to the theme of the song: "Mother" ain't pretty, but it shouldn't be). Everything was working for the band, in other words, except their egos.

Listen to "Synchronicity II" closely and it is almost as if the three of them were each playing their own song which somehow came together (as if by magic). Sting is totally being AngrySting, Andy Summers is totally being Andy (his guitar is on another planet at the beginning and during the "solo"), and Stewart Copeland is just jumping up and down on his kit (you can almost hear the electrical tape, spelling out "fuck off you cunt", bouncing off the drumheads).

I've got a hardon.

Sigh. Now I will eat and drive to my scuba lesson, where I will join my fellow Guadalajarans "packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes: contestants in a suicidal race."


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