Friday, March 05, 2004

Pandagon has proposed a shadow cabinet for JfK. I like the idea. If done well, it would help keep the Dems on the front page during the long silly season. I don’t much care for most of Pandagon’s picks, however (surprise!).

My own picks are below. They are based mostly on my tastes, and so I didn’t spend a great deal of time thinking about how feasible they might be (or confirmable). I did try to avoid picking sitting senators/congresspersons since the Dems need to keep the few seats they have left. This is sort of a wish list, and includes comments on the offices. Anyway, see mine, see Pandagons, and perhaps make your own list.

President: JfK
Vice Pres: Jennifer Granholm (governor of Michigan)
Sec of State: Bill Richardson
Sec of Defense: John McCain
Sec of Health/Human Services: Marian Wright-Edelman
Sec of Interior: Jim Hightower
Attorney General: Nadine Strossen (of the ACLU)
Sec of Homeland Security: Gary Hart (abolish this, or at least rename it)
Sec of Labor: Robert Reich (again! This time give him some support.)
Sec of Commerce: Ben Cohen (of Ben and Jerry’s)
Sec of Education: Johnathan Kozol (author and activist and teacher)
Sec of Transportation: Parris Glendening
Sec of Veterans Affairs: Max Cleland
Economic Advisor: Paul Krugman
Bureau of Indian Affairs: Russel Means (abolish this, turning power over to tribes)
Nat. Endowment for the Arts: Quincy Jones

And here are a few important positions I can’t fill at the moment:
Sec of Treasury
Sec of Housing/Urban Devel
Sec of Energy
National Security Advisor
Chief of Staff
EPA Administrator (make it cabinet level)
Nat. End. for the Humanities


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