Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Since Dubyah seems intent on playing the "I'm just Georgie from the block" card, I humbly suggest that someone with money and talent and an interest in creating an ad campaign against him do something along these lines.

1946: Dubyah was born in New Haven, CT to wealthy parents, one of whom would go on to be a congressman, CIA director, UN ambassador, vice president, and president.
Somewhere during this time he went to Andover and some other froo frooh schools.
1968: He graduated from Yale University and joined the Texas Air National Guard to avoid being drafted.
1975: He completed his MBA at Harvard University.
1978: He began the first of several failed oil ventures with borrowed money.
1984: He was a tiny minority owner in (but public face of) the Texas Rangers baseball team.
1994: He was elected governor of Texas (his first public office). He was reelected in 1998.
2000: He became president after having lost the popular vote by several million votes (including the Naderites and others) but won the electoral vote.

Ominous voice: "President Bush would have you believe he's a regular fella just like you. Do you believe him?" (paid for by Regular Fellas for America)


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