Thursday, March 04, 2004

In honor of the end of the "serious" bits of the primaries, I'd like to post this for the record, if there is one:

"Greg has been bitching about Kerry,"
--Yes. Although I prefer to think of it as being critical.
"and how he isn't progressive enough to be considered human,"
--No. He isn't particularly progressive on most issues, but he is human (as near as I can tell). All the pretty strawmen . . .
"much less an acceptable candidate,"
--Yes or No. It depends on the level of acceptance. I accept that Kerry is *a* candidate, and that he's the sort of candidate who has a shot at winning, and that he's preferable (if only marginally) to Dubyah but I'm getting ahead of myself.
"and that you might as well vote for Bush if Dennis Kucinich isn't in the race."
--Um. No. Of the Dem candidates, Kucinich is closest to my own politics but how the one thing connects to the other is unclear to me. You may as well vote for Bush if you agree with Bush's policies, however. That's where the criticism of Kerry is useful, since it (potentially) shows how the two men differ.
"All I have to say to that is that Dennis got more than his fair share of attention this go-round."
--I can't speak to the "fair share" line, as I'm not sure what is fair. I don't believe, however, that the Kuch could possibly have gotten the *same* share of attention as did Dean and Kerry and (lately) Edwards. But then, we're talking about what is fair.
"My personal opinion is that he did poorly enough to have hurt his own cause."
--I don't fully understand how that works, unless we're talking about the celebrity effect. Perhaps pacifist progressives will not want to be hitched to a guy who doesn't manage to translate his fair share of attention into convention delegates, but a "cause" suffering? Perhaps this means he did a poor job of campaigning and thereby shot his own campaign in its (bare) foot. That makes sense, even though I know next to nothing about his campaign.
Actually, I think the thing that the Kuch did wrongest was to be flaky. He strikes me as a flake, anyway. Folks don't tend to go wild for flakes, regardless of their noble ideas.

The good news is that I will be able to vote in the Alabama primary with a relatively clear conscience. The bad news is that this is because the presidential primary, at least, is essentially over and will be WAY over by the time Alabama votes (in June! Way to go Bama! We dare defend our rights, but primaries are for losers!).

November, however, is going to hurt more as it gets closer, I fear.


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