Saturday, May 29, 2004

Was Guadalajara in the news today? It should have been.

Most of the leaders of the states of Latin America, the Carribean, and the European Union were here for a summit. They toasted with tequilla. I can see, from my balcony, the air force base from which they will depart. I'm not gonna do nothin' though.

A rather large group of people who are really me on a bad day offered violent protest against the meeting. They hurled various things at the pigs, who were remarkably well behaved. I love the idea of such protests, but I wonder what the point of this one was. After all, the Great Satan wasn't at the meeting, and the EU is hardly a bastion of neo-liberalism. Still.

The Mexican media, sadly, referred to the protesters as "globaliphobicos", which thoroughly misses the point. I'm fairly certain that the protestors aren't afraid of the rest of the world, but rather are concerned that "globalization" is just a one word summary of the process by which capital seeks to exploit the most easily-exploited members of the human family. Globalized living wages, for example, is the sort of thing I reckon the protestors would support. A globalized end to the death penalty might appeal to many of them. Globalized freedom of expression . . . etc. Globalized trade in sweatshop products? Not so much.

Anyway, Guad was the shiznit today.

Why do I think this wasn't well covered by the US media?

In other news (in case you didn't get the email), if you have my address as, know that that is no longer valid. From now on it is


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