Thursday, May 27, 2004

Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | 50 years of British art lies in ashes: "It's only art - there are worse things happening around the world."

And yet it is the thing I choose to blog.

Those who know me may be aware of my general lack of interest in painting and sculpture. I will not take this opportunity to remind people of that, however. Rather, I would like to pose questions:

Why was all that stuff in a warehouse? Isn't art supposed to be on display? Especially art that is deemed to be "important"? And as for this stuff being part of "his" collection and "her" collection: what the fuck are they collecting it for if not to display it somewhere?

If, as I suspect, these works were being hoarded for future profit, then good fucking riddance, I say. Put all your eggs in one kit and kaboodle and reap the whirlwind you so greedily sowed. Or whatever.

How's shit in Iraq, by the way?


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