Sunday, October 31, 2004

According to Media Matters for America, Pundits [are] spin[ning] Osama tape for Bush. I don't think it is spin. Here's why:

Americans, generally, are pretty fucking ignorant and more than a few of them are down right stupid.

Hear ye, hear ye! If you are a Bush supporter, fuck off. I hate you. You are a vile piece of shit. (As opposed to the unvile pieces of shit. OK. I shouldn't have said vile. That sort of goes without saying.)

My rage would be far more righteous if I thought Kerry were more than the slightest tad better than Bush, of course. Still. I don't hate Kerry supporters. They are well intentioned, at least.

We are in Hindenburg v. Hitler territory right now. I shit you never.

EDITED to fix a typo and to say that I despair.


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