Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Say what you will about Dubyah (except that he is a good president in any way), the man has charisma.

In fact, charisma is probably the chief reason he came close to getting more votes than Gore in 2000. Charisma is very clearly one of the main things he's had going for him through all the ups and downs of his policies and world events.

So who do the Democrats nominate to run against him?

I know that it is hardly unusual for former political bigwigs to get trotted out in support of their party's guy, but there is something particularly tragicomic about Bill "I'm Having Chest Pains" Clinton's ride to Kerry's rescue.

Maybe what I'm noticing is the juxtaposition of Kerry, one of the least charismatic big time politicians I've ever seen, basking in the glow of the Sun King.

Clinton, Carville, and Edwards are going to have to drag Kerry across the finish line.

If I thought, by the way, that Kerry marks the start of a new, more sober trend in political discourse I would be all giddy. I figure he's a fluke, though, who slipped through because the Smart Money didn't think Dubyah could lose this year.


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