Thursday, October 14, 2004

The final debate is over.

You know, I've got to say that this time Dubyah convinced me.

That he's an ass.

Actually I thought he performed fairly well. Kerry put in another strong performance. Of course, I'm only commenting on style when I say this. In terms of substance Kerry was good on attack but weak on defense. Dubyah was just plain weak.

The short version sounded like this to me:

Kerry thinks pretty much everything Dubyah has done either shouldn't have been done or was done incorrectly, and that lots of things that should have been done haven't been.

Dubyah thinks everything he's done has been done well and any problems are the result of other people fucking up.

To fix things, Kerry has A PLAN.

Dubyah says "Stay the course, a thousand points of light, stay the course."

The burden, unfair as it is, is on Kerry to convince people that his PLAN is needed. Dubyah just gets to sit back and repeat that there is nothing to see here and that we should all just return to our homes and places of business.

I think Dubayah is going to pull it off. Maybe this is just my fear typing.

The question of the night (paraphrased): Mr President, could you please tell us about your faith in the wonderworking power of the Lamb, and also, do you have the joy joy joy joy down in your heart? Senator Kerry, same question.


Right at the end, by the way, Kerry gave Dubyah a big clap on the back. Was he checking for the See 'n' Say?


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