Sunday, January 23, 2005

Doubleplus Clusterfuck.

Chinese Woman Sought in Boston Threat Is Already in Custody

S'lemmie githis straight: an anon tipster says a bunch of CHINESE folks are traveling in a group from Mexico to Boston so as to blow up a dirty bomb and everyone gets their panties in a twist, despite the fact that . . .

- those sought are CHINESE (famed as a hotbed of anti-Amuhrkin Terrah?)
- between Mexico and Boston there are, um, THOUSANDS of targets, yet for some reason these folks had their sights set on Beantown? And no one sees this as odd?
- dirty bombs sound sexy, but from what I understand they are unlikely to do all that much damage, and are therefore more useful for
Terrah as the thing under your bed than as an actual weapon
- (and this is the best part) one of the "suspects" was already in custody! Great googly woogly! I shall never pretend to be afraid of the big, bad FBI again, as they are clearly fucking idiots.

So. In case the FBI (as a group) stumbles upon this page, I'm going to lay out an anonymous tip.

I have heard that a group of people (at least two, but possibly more) are AT THIS VERY MOMENT traveling between two large cities in the northeast of the US. At least one of them is from Asia (or maybe Africa or South America) and has military training. One or more of the members of the group has been known to openly discuss the Iraq war in the context of it being a bad thing, and one or more members of the group has made jokes about Jenna Bush but secretly thinks she's kinda hot.

Get on the case, coppers!


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