Friday, January 07, 2005

I am thrilled to see that a Democratic Senator actually stood up for something.

If I were an optimist, I would say this could be the start of the long march.

But I'm a pessimist (although I think of myself as a realist when I'm feeling particularly unrealistic), and so

FUCK THE DEMOCRATS!!! Most of the Dems in Congress and ALL BUT ONE in the Senate, including shit bags like Ted Fucking Kennedy and Robert Fucking Bird who have NOTHING to lose, rolled over YET AGAIN.

I'm curious. How many more times must these cats fuck the average liberal/lefty over before they finally wise up? One more? Ten more? I mean, in running Carrie Edwards they all but stabbed you in the ear, but you just kept on. Is this, finally, enough? At long last, have we no sense of pride?

Of course, I'm overreacting. You have to go along to get along, right? Baby steps. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are like jungle cats: crouching in the underbrush waiting for the Republican tapirs to come to the stream. And just as the tapirs turn their snuffling little quasi-snouts to the water BAM! Harry and Nancy will jump out and drink with them.



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