Monday, February 14, 2005

A little while back I mentioned that I was troubled by the memory hole treatment given Michael Moore's public position vis a vis this year's Oscar campaign. Moore, I said, had said he wasn't intending to shoot for one (and you really do have to shoot for one: these things don't just fall from the heavens).

Clearly, no one reads my blog:

"THE day the left died in Hollywood, surely, was the day that a few too many Queer Eyes had their way with Michael Moore as he set off on his Oscar campaign. The baseball cap and 1970's leisure ensemble gave way to quasi-Libeskind eyeglasses and spiky hair that screamed 'I am worthy of a cameo on 'Entourage.' ' But not worthy of an Oscar. 'Fahrenheit 9/11' got zero nominations, leaving the Best Picture race to five apolitical movies. "

(The article is actually about [Alice Cooper]'s "Million Dollar Baby")

here's what Michael Moore said, back in September of the oh four, regarding the Oscars.

Here are the lyrics to [Clint Eastwood]'s classic song, "Billion Dollar Babies".

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