Tuesday, February 15, 2005

So this is the first comment I've seen yet which more or less squares with my position vis a vis Ward Churchill.

My thinking has been that Churchill's biggest tactical error was dropping the Eichmann bomb and just letting it sit there. He should, I reckon, have said something about Hannah Arendt's observations on the banality of evil, at least when first called out on it. Sort of the equivalent of saying "read a book, fuckers" to his critics. I wasn't entirely comfortable with the analogy, but hadn't really considered it far enough to decide why (because, um, I don't much care).

What the article I just mentioned says, however, is something I hadn't quite thought out, which is that his analogy has some pretty big logical holes in it. Good catch on the author's part.

Still, as she says, the man could have called the 911 victims "little Saurons" and the perpetrators "wittle snuggle bunny wunnies" while doing a belly dance to the tune of "One Tin Soldier", and he would STILL be well within his rights as a citizen and as a faculty member to do so.

(The author didn't say it quite like that, of course, but our hearts are beating as one, at least.)


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