Friday, March 11, 2005

Air America has been making great hay about the bankrupcy bill moving through the congress right now. As far as the new debt peonage law goes, I have the following to say:

(bear in mind that I realize that this is a serious concern for loads of folks and that most folks who need help don't have the option [or don't see the option :)] i had)

When you find yourself confronting a mountain of debt, one option is to remain un- or under employed. Nobody ever said you had to earn much money. This seems crazy, I reckon, but consider this: in Mexico, $10,000 per year (what I made, more or less) goes a long way. So I say: move to Mexico (it rocks in all sorts of ways).

Another option is the one I'm currently pursuing: hook up with a foreign woman who makes decent money, move to where she is, and take care of her. You may not have any money of your own, but you don't have to worry about paying bills. Cuz you (quite literally) have no way to pay your bills. What's more, you are abroad, so your creditors are less likely to call you to ask, again, why you aren't paying. Your answer is always going to be that you don't have any money. They will never accept that. So just move away.

Tune in, turn on, and drop out, in other words.

Wah wah, squirt squirt. I ain't got no credit!!! Folks: the world will continue to turn even though you can't afford a new SUV.

Another thing about abroad: health care is affordable! Or even FREE!!! (health care costs being a major cause of bankruptcy)

The American dream, in other words, is a nightmare. Stop dreaming it. Stop consuming. Stop worrying about your credit. Life goes on.

When they reopen the debtors' prisons, THEN you should worry.

As for those feelings of failure that may haunt you, consider the following: the banks who lent you the money even though you were pretty clearly incapable of paying them back are the stupid ones. I mean, I've never had a "real" job in my life, and yet credit cards have extended me tens of thousands of dollars of credit (I shit you not). Why? Because they were gambling on my ability to repay. Well. The house always wins, as they say in Vegas. Suckers.

Meanwhile, I reckon that filing for bankrupcy is a good idea so long as current law still applies. I should have years ago, but I was still laboring under the naive assumption that I would someday, somehow get out from under. Too late now for me. C'est la vie.


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