Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Carlton has returned.


I shall now blog about the Terry Schiavo case.

The Terry Schiavo case is a case about a person named Terry Schiavo. Someone has made a Federal Case of the Terry Schiavo case. The key to the case would unlock it, if it were an actual case. It appears, however, to be a case in the legal sense, and so in need of a different sort of key entirely than the one which would unlock, say, a suit case. I, for one, don't lock my suit case when flying. I reckon the airport security people might find the lock so frustrating that they may resort to violence. I would rather that everyone remained cool, and so no key is needed in my case. Or in the case of my case. The Terry Schiavo case is not that sort of case, of course. Nut cases are attracted to her case, as are closet cases and hopless cases. In case her case turns dative, or accusative, or genative, then I will have to refresh my knowledge of cases. That's always been the biggest gap in my language skills.

I am unsure as to whether I understand all the ups, downs, wherefores and thereuntils, but my guess is that there is a teapot suffering from a tempest. A large, powerful teapot in desperate need of a whole gaggle of new leadership.


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