Thursday, May 26, 2005

As Carlton notes, in the comments below, he has made no attempt to disguise his not-where-it-used-to-be hairline. And quite right.

I pointed to his hairline so as to draw attention to our advanced age. Make no mistake: my own hairline is holding the high ground, but just barely. I sortof look like 2nd season Dr Mark Green (maybe 3rd). But no glasses.


Last night I watched the Uefa Cup final betweeen Liverpool and AC Milan (on TV in a bar, rather than in the stadium in Istanbul).

Oh. My. God.

It was one of those things you watch where you think, "this is going to be talked about for years". That may be the most exciting professional football match I have ever seen. I am SO glad I watched it. I feel great now! It's like when you get a buzz off a cigarette and think "that's why I smoke: the little moments like this". Well that last night is why I watch sports.


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