Sunday, July 17, 2005


In the new Harry Potter, Harry and his friends have an adventure in which someone dies. We also learn a bit more about the mystery surrounding Harry's true identity.

It turns out that Harry is Luke Skywalker's father, the One Ring, the messiah, the Count of Monte Cristo, the Real Slim Shady, the antichrist, the Most Valuable Object in the World, King Arthur, the thing at the bottom of the ladder on Lost, and incontrovertable proof of alien intelligence.

By the way, I'm rereading the first Harry Potter book and I noticed that "young Sirius Black" gets mentioned. Now it may be common knowledge among true fans that Rowling did some planning before setting out to write these things, but I never thought about it and found it interesting that a character from book 3 would be name-checked in book 1. Cool?


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