Saturday, November 12, 2005

I’ve been waiting for some time now and it appears that, finally, the traffic to this blog has died down. See, I have a (self-diagnosed) fear of success. If you knew enough about me you would know that I have a tendency to hit the brakes right before I get to the top of a mountain. Like, there was that time when I . . . well. Ok. Maybe not. I never have been near the top of a mountain. I DO, however, have a fear of doing things just because they are expected of me, like keeping up with the blog.

But bloggable things have crossed my mind.

I didn’t blog about the super-bloggable Harriet Meiereseres nomination. Reckon why?

I didn’t blog about the firey uprising in France, which you may as well call the “Citroen/Renault/Peugeot Bailout Burnout Act of 2005” (because it does represent a lot of new cars being bought soon).

I didn’t blog about my imprisioned sibling.

I didn’t blog about the recent US election.

I didn’t finish my German election update blogging. Germany still exists, by the way, and seems not to need much of a government.

I didn’t blog about recent acts of the Intelligent Designer.

I didn’t blog, in short, about the month of October (and some of September and November).

And the world continues to turn.


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