Monday, March 10, 2003

Read THIS if you can. If you can't, here's basically what it says (summarized bigtime):

Recep Erdogan, leader of the AKP party which currently runs Turkey, has been allowed to take a seat in parliament (he had been barred, but the laws have been fixed) and will likely soon form a new government. This MAY mean that the Turkish parliament will revisit the question of whether to allow the US to use Turkey as an invasion launch pad.

MEANWHILE several hundred US troops attempted to leave a port area and were turned around, at gunpoint!, by Turkish soldiers enforcing what is still, for now, the will of the government. The Turks and the US ambassador are trying to play the incident off.

MEANWHILE the Turkish army is reinforcing itself along (and over) the border with Iraq.

Those who may not know should know that the Turkish army generally sees itself as the protectors of the secular order and has led coups on several occaisions to overthrow governments it didn't like. The army doesn't usually like religious parties. The AKP is a religious party, and Erdogan (he of the former ban) was on the army's shit list for quite a while.

Interesting stuff.


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